We work with you to master all the skills needed to become a martial arts contender. Whether you’re looking to get into competitions or are just trying to get back into shape – we will help you get there!


Learn. Train. Fight.

We are a group who are passionate about the personal growth and discipline jiu jitsu provides. We are family and team oriented. You are not just a student or a member to us. You are a teammate. You are joining a family. We believe in jiu jitsu, we believe in working together, and we believe in making everyone feel welcome and ensuring they enjoy themselves while they learn and grow.

We promote the growth you wish to see. We keep your goals in mind. Everyone’s journey is different and we will happily guide you through it. If you want discipline, self defence, confidence, fitness, stress management, desire to compete, or any other outcome you wish to achieve, we will gladly help.

We believe in jiu jitsu and the benefits it offers. All our instructors have careers outside of the gym. They teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because they are passionate about it. They enjoy it and look forward to stepping foot on these mats and sharing their wisdom.

Available Training Programs

6 to 14 years old. BJJ offers kids an opportunity to learn a fun sport, make new friends, be apart of a team, while learning to defend themselves and achieve self discipline. BJJ with a gi allows you to use the grappling clothing to control and submit your opponent. No gi there is no use of the clothing and focuses on movement.

15 years old and up. BJJ offers a wide variety of benefits from fitness to self defense to combating stress, anxiety, and depression. During class you are taught a variety of movement, positions, submissions and how to use these in both competition and self defense settings. BJJ with a gi allows you to use the grappling clothing to control and submit your opponent. No gi there is no use of the clothing and focuses on movement.

6 to 14 years old. The kids striking program is based in Muay Thai and Western Boxing techniques. Muay Thai is a martial art that is often referred to as “the art of eight limbs”. Muay Thai striking techniques incorporate the feet, knees, elbows and fists. The goal of all classes is fitness, fun and self confidence. The kids are challenged physically and mentally to rise above the rigors of each class. Essential equipment includes boxing gloves, shin guards, wrist wraps and a mouth guard.

We encourage women to take part in the sport. Women may benefit greatly from jiu jitsu as it is an art of self defense that is used against a larger opponent.

We host women’s open mats where women from throughout the region, different gyms and teams get together in a supportive atmosphere and train together.

Our Instructors



Our head instructor Scott started training in 2010 at 10th Planet Montreal, working his way up to brown belt until eventually receiving his black belt from Caio Terra. Now representing Cicero Costha and Gringo Jiu-jitsu, Scott is an active competitor at the black belt level in both gi and nogi and has been teaching at Niagara BJJ for two years now. He is also NAGA nogi expert division champion.



Kevin is a black belt instructor, co-owner and tournament coach. 23 years in the military helps him keep order, discipline, and structure within class while his personality keeps it fun and enjoyable! Kevin’s jiu jitsu is based around clean technique, swift movement, and working with your physique + abilities and maximizing your potential. He has podiumed at 2015, 2017, 2018 Masters World Championship.



Reggie is a black belt instructor, co-owner and tournament coach. He competes regularly in international and local tournaments. His jiu jitsu is focused on discipline and developing his own unique style to his technique. Reggie is a silver medalist at 2017 & 2018 Ontario Open in the Brown/Black division.